Deft Research’s custom studies services leverage our industry expertise and experience, as well as our syndicated research, to efficiently and effectively help clients address their specific needs. We offer a wide array of market research services including product design assistance, brand studies and member satisfaction studies:

When designed properly, custom market research supports critical business decisions by reducing uncertainty and financial risk.

The value of having research that is tailored to your specific circumstances and strategy has two potentials:

  1. The research increases the chances that a decision will be made and action will be taken to realize a more desirable future for your company.
  2. The research increases chances that a bolder, more dynamic path forward will be taken than otherwise would occur.

The realization of these values has occurred dozens of times within our client organizations.  Custom research projects have lit the path toward products that sell better, customer service that retains members better, quality improvements that support higher quality ratings, and marketing and brand strategies that acquire more new members.

Our process begins with listening.  Contact us to schedule a strategy call so we might explore together how custom research can support your company’s drive toward the future.

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