Two tracks for health insurance survey research

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Deft Research has provided its clients 15 years of timely national market studies.  These incredible values capture very large samples of consumer responses (3,000 or more).  The studies support clients as they stay informed of health insurance trends and opportunities.  Two market intelligence services are available.

Senior Markets - Navigate the constant challenges in the evolving Medicare landscape for effective senior product development, marketing, and sales.

Commercial Markets - Track key developments and learn more about emerging dynamics among consumers who obtain their health insurance through employers or through Affordable Care Act plans.

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Research to make your marketing dollars go further, optimize product design, retain members, and quantify market opportunities:

By reducing uncertainty, these studies also reduce financial risk, and make bolder decisions more available.


Dual Eligible Member Study

Dual Eligible Member Study

This national market research report measures shopping and switching behaviors among this unique group of Medicare consumers.

This study captured over 1,250 responses, which included; 403 full benefit duals, 321 partial benefit Duals, and 534 low-income seniors who do not obtain extra benefits..

The report will deliver to clients understanding and inspiration for action related to:

  • The experience of applying to become a dually eligible person
  • The rates of health plan retention and switching among the dual population
  • Insights on partial duals' higher rates of shopping activity
  • Duals' perception of the value of OTC pharmacy and other benefits

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IFPSS Cover 2021

Individual and Family Plan Shopping and Switching Study

This study delivers critical trend-tracking and analysis of consumer behavior during the plan year 2021 Open Enrollment season.

This study captured over 3,000 responses, of which 2,332 were enrolled in an IFP plan for 2020.

How the Research Helps Clients:

  • Understand the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic recession and the General Election on consumers' health insurance experiences as well as their overall consumerism.
  • Triggers for shopping and ultimately switching carriers.
  • Shows why 2021 marks the most IFP enrollment the market has seen in four years.

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