New Study Published May 29, Available Now

COVID-19 and its Impact on Medicare Consumers

In response to unprecedented demand, we are developing a new study that will be delivered in two stages beginning at the end of May. The study will report on COVID-19’s impact on seniors and how the crisis may affect senior shopping and switching during this fall’s AEP.

Ongoing information included in this service:

  • May: Detailed report of seniors’ insurance perceptions and proclivity to switch carriers.
  • August: Update of the COVID impact based on additional late summer senior survey data.

Table of Contents

  • Study Overview
  • Executive Summary
  • COVID-19 Background and Research Context
  • COVID-19 Perceptions and Impacts on Daily Life
  • Satisfaction with Medical coverage amid COVID-19
  • Satisfaction with Drug Coverage amid COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Potential Impact on 2021 AEP Shopping Channels
  • Telehealth and COVID-19
  • Appendices

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