Published January 31, 2022

Medicare Shopping and Switching Study

The 2022 Medicare Shopping and Switching Study surveys seniors to better understand their shopping and switching behaviors during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). By illuminating product preferences as well as sales and marketing channel usage, it ensures all stakeholders gain a thorough view of how seniors behave during this critical period. The report’s year-over-year analysis identifies trends, while its deep drilldowns provide a better understanding of shoppers, non-shoppers, and plan switchers alike.

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Why do Clients Need this Study?

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What the Research Delivers

The Medicare Shopping and Switching Study gives perspective on consumer experiences and attitudes which cannot be obtained without spending much more on a custom study. Additionally, local market over-samples are available.

Why is Deft the Best Solution?

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Learn More About the Medicare Shopping and Swtiching Study

From the 2022 Medicare Shopping and Switching Study

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  • Since 2015, the average number of MA plans available per county has nearly doubled.  Whether this benefits consumers or just makes their shopping more difficult is a question examined in the study.
  • Part of the discussion:  the health insurance industry's omnichannel messaging.  As a result of being able to send targeted messages through several channels many seniors have been matched with products they may otherwise not have found on their own.
  • Even so, 60% of those who shopped but didn't switch said that too much Medicare advertising led them to stop looking for different coverage.

 Learn More About the Study by Listening to Tim Brousseau, Senior Vice President Client Services at Deft Research