Deft Research’s Senior Market Insights Service (SMIS) is an annual subscription research service designed to provide the health insurance industry with a steady stream of Medicare consumer insights at critical points throughout the year. Managers at the nation’s leading insurance carriers and their agencies rely on SMIS insights to assist with product development, marketing, new member acquisition, and retention.

This annual research subscription details the entire Medicare experience from the viewpoint of the consumer. This year, Deft added Dual Eligibles.

  • 4 comprehensive market research reports containing analysis, commentary, and strategic implications
  • Expert study presentations delivered either on-site or via WebEx
  • On-going support and study consultation
  • Options for customization (local market oversample, member studies)

The 2018 studies include:

The 2018 series begins with the Medicare Shopping and Switching Study, which will survey individual consumers after the Annual Election Period (AEP) to understand rates of shopping and switching, channel utilization, and enrollment channels as they shop for and enroll in Medicare coverage.

For over a decade, Deft Research has studied the purchasing habits of seniors who buy Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Part D Plans. Marketers and Product Managers use this study to guide their product design, marketing, and sales strategies for the upcoming year.

NEW for 2018! The study will include survey results from agents regarding their approach to lead generation, pipeline management, and the positioning of provider network in the sales process. This section will help carriers understand how the industry’s agent pool positions product attributes, and how that may be different than what we presume.

2017 was the debut of the “Dual Eligible Shopping and Switching Study.” For 2018, we will expand the scope of the study to drill down into how agents influence the sales process, and trend the data against findings from last year. By comparing Dual and Non-Dual seniors, Medicare insurers can better understand the similarities and differences between these two segments and capitalize on the fastest growing Medicare segment.

The Medicare Age-in Study will examine the journey consumers take during (and shortly after) their 64th year as they choose between Medicare Advantage, Original Medicare, and Medicare Supplemental Insurance coverage. As retirement shopping becomes more digital, this study will help hone marketing with the latest in Baby Boomer shopping preferences, outreach tactics, and benefit insights. 

NEW for 2018! Boomers are living and working longer - increasing the need for retirement financial planning. Health insurance costs are an important component of retirement financial planning, influencing both the type of Medicare coverage chosen and when enrollment in Medicare occurs. This study will take an expanded look at soon-to-be seniors and the health insurance coverage people will have in retirement, as well as the sources of information they use to make these critical decisions.

The Medicare Member Experience Study will break from the art of new member acquisition, and shift focus to the science of member retention and satisfaction - critical components of Star ratings and Net Promoter Scores (NPS). This study will correlate elements of Plan Communications, Customer Service, and Access to Care with loyalty drivers so that plan managers can deploy resources to areas of the member journey most linked with retention, satisfaction, and loyalty. 

NEW for 2018! The study will include a re-contact of prior year shoppers and switchers and an assessment of their satisfaction with their current plan versus the plan they left. This feature will allow plan managers to not just understand the elements of the member experience that are driving quality measures like CAHPS, but to know which elements of the member’s experience should be highlighted in marketing to drive future year acquisition.

Many health insurance clients choose to purchase local market sample and/or field the national surveys with their own members.