Published April 30

2020 Deft Research Open Enrollment Period Study

Deft Research’s 2020 Open Enrollment Period Study is designed to expand on findings from the Medicare Shopping and Switching Study (published January 2020).

How the Study Benefits Clients.  The study helps carriers, agencies, and others assess the opportunities arising from senior shopping and switching during the Open Enrollment Period (OEP: January - March).  The focus is on how the experiences of the fall 2019 enrollment period and the onboarding members experienced in the early months of 2020 affected senior's desire to switch.

To strengthen understanding of how experiences during the fall enrollment period may produce lingering effects that influence OEP shopping and switching, respondents from the 2020 Medicare Shopping and Switching Study were re-contacted to participate in the OEP study.

Key Findings:  According to the report,

  • in 2020 an estimated 14% of MA members, roughly 3 million persons, shopped for a new plan. 
  • Of these shoppers, four in ten switched MA plans or health insurers. 
Table of Contents
Awareness of the OEP, Rates of Shopping and Switching
Member Experiences and Their Relationship to OEP Switching
Welcome Materials and Learning of Coverage Changes
OEP Shopping Channels and Prompts
Agent Utilization
Supplemental Benefit Utilization and Preferences

Is OEP an Opportunity to Acquire New Medicare Advantage Members?