Published January 2021

Medicare Shopping and Switching Study

The 2021 Medicare Shopping and Switching Study provides health insurers and other interested parties with a detailed, nationwide snapshot of Medicare consumerism during the AEP.  In continuing to build on years-long trends, the 2021 study also provides a look back on how both the COVID-19 pandemic and the General Election impacted consumers' health insurance experiences as well as their overall consumerism.   From this, the study will describe implications for what we may expect in the upcoming OEP and next year’s AEP.

In addition, the study provides information on how specific Medicare policy components could potentially spur consumerism, particularly the Part B Premium Giveback benefit and the Medicare Savings Program, which limits certain insulin copays. The study explores tactics that carriers could use to attract members and build loyalty.

  • 3,478 total responses:
    • 1,782 seniors with a 2020 Medicare Advantage plan
    • 1,412 seniors with a 2020 MedSupp plan
    • 1,312 with a 2020 standalone Part D plan
    • 284 in Original Medicare Only for 2020
Table of Contents
Study Overview
Key Findings
Market Landscape and Trends in Medicare Shopping and Switching
PDP Shopping and Switching
Reasons for Shopping and Switching
2020 Elections, COVID-19, and Impacts on Shopping and Switching
Preferences and Attitudes about Networks
Medicare Shopping Prompts
Online Shopping Drilldown
Medicare Advantage Program Features and Shopping
Supplemental Benefits
Telehealth Utilization and Attitudes about Future Use
Enrollment Channels

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