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Medicare Shopping and Switching Study

The 2020 Medicare Shopping and Switching Study is designed to provide health insurers with a detailed, nationwide snapshot of Medicare consumerism during the Annual Election Period (AEP, October-December). The study builds on years-long trends, as well as illuminates how recent member experiences and insurer outreach drove switching.

In addition, the study also aims to provide a forward-looking idea of what product and marketing strategies insurers may use to help retain existing members and attract new ones. For example, the 2020 study provides focus on why existing MedSupp and OMO beneficiaries chose against Medicare Advantage, and the extent to which $0 PPOs can be positioned in order to attract them in the future.

Finally, an additional goal of the project is to provide deeper insight into members’ experiences with supplemental benefits, specifically OTC allowances, transportation, and enhanced dental, and how those benefits tie to switching. 

  • 3,267 total responses:
  • 1,533 seniors with a 2019 Medicare Advantage plan
  • 1,300 seniors with a 2019 MedSupp plan
  • 1,212 with a 2019 standalone Part D plan
  • 434 in Original Medicare Only for 2019

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