Publishing February 28, 2022


The Individual and Family Plan Shopping and Switching Study delivers critical trend-tracking and analysis of consumer behavior during the market's Open Enrollment season (November - January for most states).  The study's clients gain understanding of how ACA members were brought into coverage and what made the difference when they were selecting a plan -- product design, marketing, and/or sales.

With an extra 20 billion dollars of subsidies available, 2022 is expected to be a landmark year in the history of ACA enrollment.

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Why Invest in Market Research?

  • To better understand the market landscape and your position in it.
  • To measure consumer perception.
  • To gather competitive intelligence.
  • To identify emerging industry trends.
  • To understand why consumers switch health plans and how they go about doing it.

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Rapid Change in the Marketplace for Individual and Family Plans

IFP enrollment

  • It's a very active market: of those with IFP coverage in 2020, 47% switched health plans in 2021 to get a lower premium or add needed coverage.
  • Marketplace participation among carriers has grown steadily since its low point in 2018, with 22 states experiencing a net increase of one or more on-exchange carriers in 2021, and no states experiencing a net decrease.
  • Average premium changes were minimal between 2020 and 2021, encouraging IFP consumers to remain enrolled.  For a 40-year-old non-smoker, the average pre-subsidy Silver plan premium increased by only $1.
  • Over the course of the 2021, compared to 2020, the number IFP marketplace signups was about 4.8% higher. 




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