Publishing in August 2021

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2020 Usage of Digital Health Tools Study


Using responses from over 2,600 employees and persons insured through Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans, the Usage of Digital Health Tools Study will provide a more complete landscape of the digital health world than has been previously available.  It will capture

  • the prevalence of use of a wide variety of tools
  • where the technology was obtained -- from an insurer, a provider, or elsewhere?
  • how easy consumers find digital health technology to use
  • how satisfied consumers are with the results or accomplishments derived from use
  • how long they use digital health and how often the technology is abandoned
  • whether the technology altered care pathways -- does it change the need for office visits, or emergency room visits?  is data generated by digital health shared with care providers?
  • whether digital engagement is associated with health plan loyalty
  • how persons with significant health problems use digital health technology to get the information and support they need.


The study is based on a functional classification of digital health that flows from general information to telehealth and interaction with clinicians.

Functional Classes

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