Member Experience studies combine analytics and creative research to help health insurers prioritize actions that lead to greater satisfaction and loyalty amongst their members.

Whether you’re interested in new members, your current members, or members who have left your plan, we’ve got a research solution for you.

Information gleaned from custom member experience studies allows organizations to:

  • Monitor and improve star ratings, CAHPS, or QRS scores.
  • Increase member satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Diagnose the major pain points customers are encountering.
  • Identify high value interventions.
  • Measure what matters (Key Performance Indicators).

Our most popular options include:

  CAHPS and QRS Drill-Down Studies

After CAHPS and QRS results are returned, additional investigation and drill-down is often needed in order to identify and further refine quality improvement initiatives. These studies assess the performance of individual measures and make recommendations for future action and prioritization.

  New Member Surveys

Given the significant costs associated with marketing to, and acquiring new members, plans need to ensure satisfaction and build loyalty within the critical first 90 days of enrollment.

We offer a variety of options to provide you with insight into your new members’ experiences. This type of research investigates how the on-boarding process, experience with customer service and providers, and prescription drug usage relate to new member satisfaction with and confidence in their new health plan.

Results can be used to tailor new member outreach programs and to monitor the performance of efforts to manage the new member experience.

  Disenrollee Surveys

Understanding why members voluntarily dis-enroll from their health plan is a critical input for growth and profit strategies and prediction.

In our experience, many health insurers can’t accurately identify why members leave their plans, and are therefore unable to address the problem effectively. Deft can gather intelligence from dis-enrolled members through in-depth phone interviews, surveys, or qualitative focus groups to provide the client with the key drivers of dis-enrollment. Insights can be used to identify and eliminate existing performances problems.

  National Benchmark Reports

Deft understands the importance of timely data and relevant comparisons in the competitive landscape of today’s health insurance industry. As a result, your organization can compare it’s data with Deft’s syndicated Medicare or Commercial Market Intelligence databases; or we can conduct local market research in your service area (or prospective market) and then compare it back to national benchmark data.