Deft Research’s Commercial Market Insights Service (CMIS) is an annual subscription research service designed to provide the health insurance industry with a steady stream of consumer insights at critical points throughout the year. Managers at the nation’s leading insurance carriers and agencies rely on CMIS insights to assist with product development, marketing, new member acquisition, and retention.

This service details the commercial health insurance market, covering both Individual and Family Plans as well as Employer Sponsored Insurance coverage from the viewpoints of both the member and the group decision-maker.

  • 4 comprehensive market research reports containing analysis, commentary, and strategic implications
  • Expert study presentations delivered either on-site or via WebEx
  • On-going support and study consultation
  • Options for customization (local market oversample, member studies)

The four studies include:

The 2018 CMIS series begins with our Shopping and Switching Study, which reports on how consumers shop for and enroll into new health insurance coverage during the annual Open Enrollment Period (OEP).

NEW for 2018! This year’s study focuses not only on the On-exchange and Off-exchange individual health insurance markets, but will also examine Short Term Medical and Supplemental Insurance plans.

This study examines the trajectory of both comprehensive and supplemental benefits from the perspective of executives who make benefit decisions at small, mid-sized and larger companies, as well as the agents who advise them.

NEW for 2018! This year’s study expands the survey to include group benefit administrators from larger employers (1,000 - 5,000 employees).

NEW! Employee Choice and Preference Study

This new research examines the tradeoffs employees make in terms of benefit design and cost, as well as how employees value supplemental and ancillary benefit offerings. The results are compared across group sizes ranging from small to large. It will also examine elements of the member’s experience that are important to these consumers, and which drive NPS in a competitive environment.

The Individual & Family Plan (IFP) Member Experience Study examines the drivers of loyalty and retention for both On-exchange and Off-exchange products. 

NEW for 2018! Expect a timely analysis of the most recent ACA changes and the expected member impact! This year’s study will also have a special focus on brand and its impact on consumer retention.

Many health insurance clients choose to purchase local market sample and/or field the national surveys with their own members.