Deft Research’s Commercial Market Insights Service (CMIS) is an annual subscription research service providing consumer insights for the Individual and Group markets. Executives at the nation’s leading health insurers, advertising agencies, and consulting firms rely on Deft Research to compile and analyze the latest consumer research. 

This service details the commercial health insurance market, covering both Individual and Family Plans as well as Employer Sponsored Insurance coverage from the viewpoints of both the member and the group decision-maker.

  • 4 comprehensive market research reports containing analysis, commentary, and strategic implications
  • Expert study presentations delivered either on-site or online
  • Options for customization (local market oversample, member studies)

The four studies include:


The 2019 CMIS series begins with our IFP Shopping and Switching Study, which reports on how consumers shop for and enroll into new health insurance coverage during the annual Open Enrollment Period (OEP). The study will include trends in product choice and channel utilization as well as analysis of key consumer segments. This study will also report the impact of regulatory changes, including the elimination of the Individual Mandate.

NEW for 2019! This year’s study focuses on an analysis of consumer segments including generational, socio-economic, health status, attitudinal, and product. The report will include insights to assist carriers considering an expansion or re-entry into this newly profitable market. Another focus will be consumers' awareness of non-ACA compliant coverages such as short-term medical, bundled supplemental, faith-based. and association health plan coverages. A special section will dive into advertising recall across channels - broadcast, social media, search, email, and mail.

The Individual & Family Plan (IFP) Member Experience And Engagement Study examines trends in member satisfaction, loyalty and retention, and how plan communications, customer service, and access to  care drive these key performance measures. 

NEW for 2019! This year's study focuses on members' satisfaction and their perceptions of "ease of use," identifying the plan characteristics and support most associated with favorable and unfavorable perceptions. Analysis will include member engagement in both health and wellness programs, as well as in self-service administration programs. An expanded section will cover analysis of consumer segments including generational, socio-economic, health status, attitudinal, and product preference.  


This study examines the trajectory of both comprehensive and supplemental benefits from the perspective of executives who make benefit decisions at small, mid-sized and larger companies, as well as the agents who advise them. 

NEW for 2019! This year’s study examines employee engagement in health and wellness and self-service programs. The potential impact of Association Health Plans will also be examined for small groups, as these programs will have greater benefit and rating flexibility than current Qualified Health Plans.  

Employee Choice and Preference Study
This research examines the trade-offs employees make in terms of benefit design and cost, as well as how employees value supplemental and ancillary benefit offerings. Many of the survey topics mirror the Group Benefit Decision-Makers Study, allowing comparison of employer perceptions to employee realities.

NEW for 2019! This year's study focuses on employee satisfaction with their benefit program, in particular their satisfaction with benefit alternatives and plan parameters. This study examines the engagement in both employee health and wellness programs, as well as self-service administration, from the lens of the worker. The survey results will help carriers understand what methods actually drive employee participation.

Many health insurance clients choose to purchase local market sample and/or field the national surveys with their own members.