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Our CMIS series focuses on insurance consumers who are not in government insurance programs. Since the beginning of the ACA, Deft has surveyed stakeholders in both the Individual and Family Plan (IFP) market and the Group Health insurance market. These annual surveys of consumers, employees and group benefits decision-makers identify trends in plan uptake, generational differences in benefit preference and, often surprising, disconnects in perception between decision-makers and employees.

NEW in August: Usage of Digital Health Tools Study 

2020 Studies


This study delivers critical trend tracking and analysis of consumer behavior during the plan year 2020 enrollment and renewal season. Year-over-year trends in shopping and switching will be analyzed and the drivers of consumer behavior will be examined. The research results will also examine the preferences and effectiveness of marketing channels.

2020 Topics! How are key performance indicators – quality ratings, satisfaction, NPS, and others –associated with shopping and switching decisions? Did the nationwide rollout of star ratings influence consumer choices? How do the uninsured assess their subsidized ACA opportunities and what factors and channels present the best chance of acquiring new prospects from this population? Which prospects make their decisions early in the open enrollment period, and who are the procrastinators?


For 2020, we have combined our Group Benefit Decision-Maker and our Employee Choice and Preference studies into a single report. The study focuses on the small and medium sized employer market, the “sweet spot” for most fully insured group carriers. This study provides a unique comparison of the perspectives of employees and those of the group administrators who purchase health insurance on their behalf. These views are compared, often highlighting surprising discontinuities in their views and assumptions.

2020 Topics! With the growing affordability problem in the group insurance market, what creative changes are group purchasers willing to implement as a means to control their own costs while moving away from shifting costs onto employees? How do employees value their health benefits and what are their decision-making processes when provided choices? How impactful are wellness programs and supplemental benefits on employee satisfaction and retention?

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This study looks at trends in member satisfaction, retention and loyalty, and examines how plan communications, customer service, and access to care drive these key performance measures. The study identifies trends and key performance metrics such as CAHPS Overall Care and Plan ratings, Net Promoter Score, Switch Intention and examines the drivers of these metrics.

2020 Topics! What are the drivers of health plan ratings – a key drive or star ratings. How do ACA members engage with the health resources available to them – through both health insurer and non-insurer sources. What are the obstacles to engagement and where do the best opportunities to engage consumers lie? How are social determinants of health, attitudes about health, utilization of health resources, and outcomes of concern to insurers related?


This new digital health study will provide focused answers to questions raised in our annual studies about IFP and employee engagement through digital tools. Health insurers are investing millions in technology platforms, often with mixed results. This study will examine how consumers use the various tools available to them –those provided by their insurers, their providers, their exchanges as well as the myriad of tools available outside of the traditional health insurer/provider universe.

Many health insurance clients choose to purchase local market sample and/or field the national surveys with their own members.