Timely, actionable health insurance consumer insights.

Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed in 2013, Deft Research has surveyed consumers, employees, and employers in both the Individual and Family Plan (IFP) and the Group health insurance markets. The result is Deft’s Commercial Market Insights Service, a subscription-based offering that identifies trends in the ACA market, generational differences in benefit preferences, as well as perception disconnects between decision makers and employees.

Commercial Market Insights Service

Our Commercial Markets Insights Service focuses on consumers in non-government insurance programs. The annual surveys of consumers, employees and employers identify trends in plan uptake, generational differences in benefit preferences and disconnects in perception between decision-makers and employees.

The 2022 Commercial Market Insights Service includes the following:


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Many health insurance clients choose to purchase local market sample and/or field the national surveys with their own members. LEARN MORE about the Commercial Market Insights Service >>>