Study Published June 30, 2022

Employer/Employee Group Insurance Study

The Employer/Employee Group Insurance Study addresses both stakeholders’ views in one report offering carriers, agencies, and consultants a “one stop shop” for a 360-degree view of the Employer Group insurance space. The study illuminates the opinions and preferences of Group decision-makers who determine the richness of their firms’ benefit package alongside the wants and needs of actual employees. Often the two segments’ views on benefits are in harmony, but not in all cases. Knowing those differences can help industry insiders fill voids and gain share. The study focuses on the small- and medium-sized employer market (<5,000 employees), the “sweet spot” for most fully insured group carriers.

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2021 Key Findings  

As the the pandemic's negative impact on business subsides, employees are looking for new positions in different companies, and health benefits are an important factor determining whether they want to leave or stay.

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2022 E-E overview