Study Publishing August 31, 2022

Commercial Digital Tools Study

The Commercial Digital Tools Study focuses on what digital tools and services Group and Individual members expect from the healthcare industry. It examines how members use technology to manage both their health insurance and their healthcare, and which tools the health insurance industry must provide or risk losing member engagement entirely. While last year’s study looked at digital therapeutics, the 2022 report includes a special focus on “virtual first” and virtual-focused plans.

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Commercial Digital Health Tools Study

Selected Key Findings

Commercial Digital Health Tools Study

The graph to the left shows how people with Individual and Family insurance are more likely to rely on two of their insurer’s digital tools for critical information.  This may be a function of how health plans are designed:  Employer Groups often have broad networks which reduce the need to look up coverage and access; people with Individual and Family plans are more likely to have smaller, more restricted provider networks, and as a consequence, they are more likely to need to look up information to make certain they have coverage.


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Commercial Digital Health Tools Study


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