Publishing June 30

2020 Age-in Study

What's an Age-in?

agein graphicAn Age-In is a person who has reached an age where they may be considering Medicare health insurance for the first time -- they are "aging in".  Different marketers consider different age ranges to qualify a person as an Age-In: 60 year olds are usually the youngest considered and 65 1/4 year olds are the oldest.  This study captured 2,200 responses from persons aged 64 to 65 1/4.

Age-Ins are an important source of new customers for Medicare Advantage and Supplemental Medicare insurers.


How the 2020 Age-in Study Helps Our Clients

The 2020 Age-In Study will help marketers reach more Age-Ins with the right product, the right message, and through the right channels.  It will support health plans' adaptation to increasing reliance on web-based shopping during an on-going pandemic.

The study will build on long trends of Age-In preferences and behaviors.  Particular interests include:

  • Changes to retirement plans as a result of the COVID-19 economy and impacts on future Medicare enrollment
  • Preferences for meeting with agents, in-person or remotely or not at all
  • Preferences for attending seminars
  • whether a $0 PPO attracts MedSupp and OMO-leaning prospects
  • detailed information on online shopping

Executive Summary
Current Retirement, Future Medicare Outlook
Expected Medicare Enrollment Decisions
Awareness and Future Consideration of PPO Networks
Spousal Coverage and Medicare Enrollment
Supplemental Benefit Preferences
Age-in Shopping and Timing
Drilling Down on Internet Shopping
Drilling Down on Agent Use
Age-in Enrollment
Medicare Conversion