2020 Employer/Employee Group Insurance Study

This May, Deft Research produced a unique report on employer-sponsored health insurance that provides perspectives from both employers who sponsor health plans and their employees.

How the Study Benefits Clients.  According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the cost of employer-sponsored health insurance for a family has reached $20,000 per year, with employees, on average, paying $6,000 themselves.  Since 2006, Kaiser reports, health insurance premium inflation has been two times higher than wage inflation.  Controlling employer-sponsored health benefit expenditures has risen to top priority within the walls of businesses, health insurers, and health care providers alike.

This study will help clients assess the demand for change existing among both benefits administrators and their employees.  It will illuminate opportunities to innovate as well as opportunities to excel in the status quo.  

Key Findings:  According to the report,

    1. Many employers are re-considering whether they will offer health benefits in 2021 at all
    2. Some employers are getting out of the group benefit business by making a contribution to Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRA’s)
    3. Telemedicine availability has increased.  Many employees participate.
    4. Employers are considering smaller provider networks, smaller number of plans offered, reductions in extra benefits, and elimination of wellness programs.
    5. They are also considering shifting more costs to employees.
    6. Some employers are seeking multi-year contracts with health plans to make costs predictable.
Table of Contents
Study Overview
Executive Summary
Financial Outlook and the Impact of COVID-19
Changes to Health Benefits and Strategy Implementation
Employer Health Benefits Offered and Employee Participation
Employer and Employee Attitudes on Health Benefits
The Role and Influence of Agents and Brokers

3 Steps for Using Employer/Employee Insights in a Sales Presentation

Has the cost of employer-sponsored health insurance reached a critical point?

Employees and Telehealth