Deft Research’s Senior Market Intelligence Service (SMIS) is an annual subscription research service designed to provide the health insurance industry with a steady stream of Medicare consumer insights at critical points throughout the year. Managers at the nation’s leading insurance carriers and their agencies rely on SMIS insights to assist with product development, marketing, new member acquisition, and retention.

This annual subscription includes:

  • 3 comprehensive market research reports containing analysis, commentary, and strategic implications
  • Executive Research Briefs to quickly relay some of the study’s most actionable findings
  • Expert study presentations delivered either on-site or via WebEx
  • On-going support and study consultation
  • Options for customization (local market oversample, member studies)

The 2017 studies include:

This study tracks Medicare Advantage, MedSupp, and PDP consumers as they shop for and enroll in coverage during Medicare’s Annual Election Period (AEP). The research illuminates the channels seniors rely on— by AEP week — and the yearly benefit changes that produce switching. The Medicare Shopping and Switching Study is a must-have for product managers and marketers alike.

NEW! Our 2017 study will follow specific individuals throughout the AEP, allowing marketers to “walk a mile in the shoes” of their target audience.

This study details “Age-in” and “Late to Medicare” consumers’ paths to enrollment. These insights help insurers better understand how to design benefits for today’s Age-in, while providing a marketing mix that is catered to the changing preferences of today’s Boomer.

NEW! Our 2017 study will take a deep dive into both the current insurance experiences of Age-ins as well as the digital shopping channels they have gravitated towards. It will also survey members who recently selected a Medicare option, detailing their final steps leading up to enrollment. This will allow the juxtaposition of early stage Age-in shoppers versus those who were successfully won.

This national study of Medicare Advantage, MedSupp, and PDP members is designed to drill down deeper than typical CMS CAHPS surveys to uncover drivers of key ratings as they relate to member experiences, plan offerings, and market conditions. Study insights help insurers understand the true drivers of loyalty and attrition, and identify areas for focus and improvement.

NEW! In addition to the primary survey results, our 2017 study will also include a year-over-year analysis of CMS landscape data to correlate Medicare Advantage plans’ average CAHPS scores with local market/competitive information.

Many health insurance clients choose to purchase local market sample and/or field the national surveys with their own members.