Deft Research’s Commercial Market Intelligence Service (CMIS) is an annual subscription research service designed to provide the health insurance industry with a steady stream of consumer insights at critical points throughout the year. Managers at the nation’s leading insurance carriers and agencies rely on CMIS insights to assist with product development, marketing, new member acquisition, and retention.

This annual subscription includes:

  • 3 comprehensive market research reports containing analysis, commentary, and strategic implications
  • Executive Research Briefs to quickly relay some of the study’s most actionable findings
  • Expert study presentations delivered either on-site or via WebEx
  • On-going support and study consultation
  • Options for customization (local market oversample, member studies)

The three studies include:

This national study tracks consumers over the course of the ACA’s annual Open Enrollment Period (OEP) as they shop for and enroll in Individual & Family health insurance coverage. This research examines how current members (and the uninsured) evaluate plan options, it describes the volume of channel activity as the OEP unfolds, and it illuminates factors that ultimately drive purchasing decisions.

NEW! Our 2017 study’s sample size will be the largest to date, allowing for a deeper look into the various segments of on and off-exchange consumers. It will identify the shopping patterns and tendencies associated with younger versus older consumers, and higher versus lower utilizing members.

This on-going research study helps carriers and brokers understand the factors that influence benefit decisions at small to mid-sized firms. As benefit strategies shift towards Private Exchanges, High Deductible MSAs, Defined Contribution, and high-performing networks, the Group Benefit Decision-Makers Study helps industry experts plan for and influence the choices that business managers look to make in the coming year.

NEW! Our 2017 study will feature a benefit design conjoint analysis which will uncover the elements of Group benefit design that firms over and undervalue, and it will describe how that value may differ based on Group size.

This national survey of members enrolled in Individual & Family health insurance plans is designed to drill down deeper than typical Quality Rating System (QRS) surveys to explore key factors influencing member satisfaction. Study insights can help insurers understand the true drivers of loyalty and attrition, and identify areas for focus and improvement.

NEW! Our 2017 study will have a new section dedicated to the value of the agent. We will detail their impact during the Point of Sale, and quantify what long-term benefits they may or may not provide carriers in terms of retention and quality measures.

Many health insurance clients choose to purchase local market sample and/or field the national surveys with their own members.