6 new ways to optimize your marketing research budget in 2016

It’s hard to ignore that 2015 is quickly coming to an end. In the midst of preparing for feasts, travel, sending out holiday cards, and making the never-ending to-do list to keep it all together, like us, you probably also have 2016 planning spiraling around in your head.

To make planning a little easier, and stretch your market research budget a lot farther, we have converted our annual syndicated research services into more hybrid (aka more customizable) research programs.

If you aren’t familiar with our syndicated studies, you’ve been missing out.
For the past 10 years, Deft Research has been surveying thousands of consumers annually about their attitudes, behaviors, and health insurance related decisions. From that work, we have developed a strong understanding of what works–thus establishing a set of health consumer research norms.

Using that foundation of knowledge, in tandem with our on-going research, we are able to produce the industry’s most comprehensive, reliable data, trends, and insights for today’s rapidly-evolving health insurance marketplace. These reports have been designed to provide you with the timely, actionable insights you need to make your most informed business decisions.

The 2016 studies include:

  • Senior Shopping and Switching Study
  • Age-in Study
  • Medicare Member Experience Study
  • Individual Market Shopping and Switching Study
  • Individual Market Member Experience Study
  • Group Health Benefit Decision-Makers Study

By splitting the initial survey design and data collection costs with your peers, you can allocate more budget dollars towards obtaining customized insights about consumers in your service area. In 2016, clients will have the option to leverage our best-in-class syndicated surveys to:

  1. Survey Medicare/ACA consumers in your service area
  2. Customize benchmarking reports
  3. Develop predictive acquisition and retention models
  4. Assess your post-enrollment period landscape
  5. Make projections for 2017
  6. Design benefits for target segments

For more information about our Senior Market Intelligence Service, visit www.deftresearch.com/medicare

For our Commercial Market Intelligence Service, visit www.deftresearch.com/commercial

Contact: Maren Conradi at info@deftresearch.com or 612-436-8313

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