About Us

Deft Research was founded in 2005 by Rich Hamer, Randy Herman, and Dan Freier. Each of our executives has many years of healthcare experience working in the industry as researchers, actuaries, marketers, and in various corporate roles. We’re told the special value of our research comes from the deep healthcare backgrounds of our executive team, enabling us to ascertain the implications of research results where other firms can not.

Whether your business is a national enterprise or a small regional plan, we believe consumer insights are your key to success. That’s why we continue to develop research solutions to help you understand your consumers, engage with them, and ultimately, retain them.

Leadership Team

Randy Herman

Chief Executive Officer

“Over the last thirty plus years in healthcare, I have seen many great ideas fail only to see the same concepts successfully re-emerge later. Sometimes failure is due to poor execution, but more often it’s due to poor timing. A great idea is just an idea unless the market is ready to embrace it as a reality.”

Dan Freier

Chief Financial Officer

“Building a successful business is a rewarding professional experience. But hiring great people, watching them grow and succeed, and creating life-long friendships with clients, vendors, and employees is what makes business fun.”

Rich Hamer

Chief Strategy Officer

“Research is creative. You’re presented with a problem and need to find a creative solution. The key is to be persistent in finding the answer. We never give up. We keep trying until we find the solution. You have to have faith that you can manage problems.”

George Dippel

Sr. VP of Client Services

“The healthcare industry is one-sixth of the national GDP. Being able to influence the course of that is gratifying.”