The 2017 Individual and Family Plan (IFP) Shopping and Switching Study from Deft Research looked at the shopping patterns of consumers throughout the ACA’s Open Enrollment Period. Most shoppers could be grouped into three categories:

  • Previously Uninsured
  • Forced Switchers
  • Voluntary Switchers

As in prior years, the IFP business is characterized by extremely high switch rates (compared to Medicare and other individual coverages). Unlike prior years, the number of new members that were previously uninsured has dropped sharply and have been replaced by a high number of new members who lost their coverage due to plan terminations.

In the newest Executive Research Brief, Deft Research looks at the characteristics of these “Forced Switchers” and compares them to “Voluntary Switchers” and “Previously Uninsured”, providing insights to better drive campaigns and to manage risk. 

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